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Force Traveller ARC Suspension Kit ( Composite Leaf Springs And Shock Absorbers )

By - ARC Industries
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ARC Composite Leaf Springs And Shock Absorbers for Force Traveller.
ARC Composite Leaf Springs (2 Front - 2 Rear)
ARC Shock Absorbers (2 Front - 2 Rear)
Increased Stability

Reduces Body Roll

Enhanced Breaking - Prevents uneven breaking in emergency situations

Reduced stopping distance in emergency situations and prevents the car from skidding from the desired path.

Retrofit Design - No modifications needed to install. Height dimensions of the car do no change from the original design

No Permanent deformations - Composite leaf springs have no permanent deformation. No leaf recambering needed, hence no maintenance.

Lower noise Level - due to no creaking sound in composite leaf springs due to mono leaf structure.

Maximises tyre grip over the road reduces tyre wear and Tear considerable

5 times stronger than conventional steel leaf springs

Specially designed and tuned to withstand Indian Road conditions while providing optimum comfort

Research indicates, our suspensions reduce body fatigue for the passengers, preventing body aches that occur due to travelling looking distances.

Family members and elderly people will have pleasant experience compared to Stock suspensions
Get Air Suspension feel with ARC suspensions

1,00,000 km Warranty / 1 year warranty

Market reports indicate ARC composite leaf springs have lasted for upto 5,00,000km for our customers


Warranty NA
Installation procedure NA
Nos Of Leaf Springs 4 ARC Composite Leaf Springs

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