ARC Suspension

Mahindra Thar ARC Suspension Review by Dr Binu Varghese

Posted Date - 26-10-2019 | Posted By - Dr. Binu Varghese

ARC Composite Leaf Springs, ARC Gas Nitro charged shock absorbers and ARC anti-roll bar: Mahindra Thar's (OE) ride quality for the front passengers is reasonably good in its class as 4X4. However, compared to a sedan it is slightly bumpy and bouncy, especially at rear seat even on good roads.
Recently (18.10.2019), I have completely upgraded OE suspension with ARC Composite Leaf Springs, ARC Gas Nitro charged shock absorbers and ARC anti-roll bar.
My comments after a couple of days drive as follows;
1. The comfort factor of Thar has improved phenomenally
2. Experience better handling, stability and road grip with OE tires at 34psi pressure
3. Unbelievable reduction in overall vibration level of the vehicle
4. Body roll is amazingly reduced
I have purchased and installed the ARC kit from GRID SEVEN (G7), Thrisssur, Kerala State. Mr. Robin Davis (CEO-Grid7 +91-9995224156) and his team fully experienced to carry out these sorts of works. Also, special thanks to Mr. Deepak of ARC (+91-9422047019) for the fantastic support.

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