ARC Suspension

Mahindra Thar ARC Suspension Kit Review By Mr. Himadri Mondal

Posted Date - 26-10-2019 | Posted By - Himadri Mondal

I have been owning a Mahindra Thar since 2013. Since I visit the Himalayas quite frequently for the love of it and work, I required a 4wd vehicle. 

Not going into the detail of owning such a ride, Thar remains a bit more bumpy as it has a soft top coupled with leaf spring. Hence to soften this up and after some reading on the web, I called up Arc Industries,  Mr Rohit. Excellent person to say the least, he was all ears to my requirements, demands. He suggested me to go for the carbon fiber leafs. 

Rest of the process of placing the order, payment links and invoice generation was smooth and almost immediate. Within 7 days the CFLs arrived right at my door step in Kolkata. I really loved this professional approach, speed of delivery and packing. 

About the product: The leafs completely changed the way the car moves now. The bumpy ride has disappeared, giving way to a much smoother cushioning and comforting feel. Took the car to the himalayas and the pleasure is really worth the money I spent for the upgrade. Keep up the good work, Arc Industries.


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