Our Aim

In India people are not aware of what is comfort. As we are used for bullock-cart jerks & habitual to sit in JEEPS & TRUCKS where comfort has no space at all.Due to this initially we were been introduced by JAPANESE SUZUKI Mini truck as a MARUTI VAN saying it as a passenger car & latest is FORD ENDEAVOUR which is again used as a SUV or mini truck all over the world.

Unfortunately Indians have been kept away from what best is. This is the very first reason why ARC made a R&D with ARAI Pune in 1985 for manufacturing a composite suspension for MAHINDRA.

Since then ARC decided to do R&D on its own in1986, trying this spring on FIAT PREMIER first time in INDIA to improve its comfort level on higher side, with no maintenances concept like recambering & also to reduce wt of the vehicle, thus reducing its vibration considerably.

For above in 1987 this suspension was introduced on MARUTI VAN, CAR, since these vehicles were been manufactured according to international road conditions where they had serious jerking & bumping on Indian roads.

This was the main aim of ARC to make aware our Indians that with ARC composite Leaf suspensions we can offer a fantastic comfort level like coil suspension car. Company has only motive to offer lowest possible jerks at just little cost. Since coil suspension vehicles cost on higher side & load carrying is the problem with coil suspensions.

For above ARC has done a vibration test on FORD ENDEAVOUR THUNDER, where the comfort level shows a difference of almost 3 times on above vehicle.

Hence ARC is committed to offer their customer’s maximum quality ride & comfort which people expect from a coil suspension car without compromise.

Salient features of our heritage

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction guarantee with equivalent performance to coil suspension with excellent stability at high speed braking.

5 Times stronger

5 Times stronger than conventional steel leaf spring.

No Maintenance

No permanent deformation no recambering hence no maintenance.

10 Lac cycles of Fatigue life

Fatigue life 10 Lac cycles as steel has only 2 Lac cycles (as tested at ARAI Pune).

Lower noise level

Lower noise level no creeking sound as it is mono suspension.

Light in Weight

Light in weight hence definate increase in fuel efficiency/increase life of tyres suspension bushes.


Specially made to suite Indian road conditions inter-changeable without any modification.


ARC Industries is manufacturing composite suspension for last 27 years in India. Company is also specialized in manufacturing number of import substitute products related to textile, printing, electronics, aeronautical & space application products with its subsidiary sister concerns.

ARC group is the only manufacturer of composite leaf spring suspensions in entire ASIA. Company is manufacturing suspensions for Mahindra -Scorpio, Bolero/ Invader/camper, MAHINDRA MM540/MM550/CJ3B/CJ500, FORD Endeavour, tempo traveller, Thar CRDE, Thar DI, TOYOTA Qualis, Ambassador, CHEVROLET Tavera.

The manufacturing plant is located at ICHALKARANJI, in district KOLHAPUR, MAHARASTRA with its SPM building facilities.

Company Description

For Automobiles ARC is manufacturing Ham antenna’s for various frequency applications from length 2 to 4 feet made out of composite as these products does have long life & for forever.

These antennas are single point frequency reception type where two different frequencies will not clash each other, & the quality will be 100% clear. These can be used with different frequencies & are in use with walky-talky with great success.

ARC can offer composite bonnet scoop designed considering air turbulence made according to technical base to reduce the air resistance are under final development stage.

Adjustable carbon fiber spoilers are under development with R & D.

Hydraulic suspensions are also under development for coil suspension car segment to carry extra load in Indian road conditions, as per loading conditions the height of the rear suspension can be adjusted.

ARC is also involved in manufactoring products for space application with CARBON FIBRE COMPOSITES.

For sports ARC is manufactoring BOWS & ARROWS for application in ARCHERY.

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